Amsterdam has banned beer bikes

Amsterdam has banned beer bikes Amsterdam authorities prohibited the use of the popular tourist “beer bikes” because of complaints of local residents on the noise and public disturbance. On Tuesday, the court allowed the city authorities to impose a ban on the use in the centre of Amsterdam beer bike, which, in the opinion of the court, are the cause of violations of public order. These bikes are designed for 10 or more people, are popular among tourists who want to see the city and at the same time to organize a feast and to celebrate any event. Tourists can walk along the famous Amsterdam canals on this bike, drinking beer with friends. The opponents of this type of entertainment say that beer bike is one of urban problems caused by mass tourism. Beer bikes are small pubs on wheels, equipped with Bicycle seats arranged around the table. Unusual carriage

Experiment: how lack of sleep affects our psyche

Experiment: how lack of sleep affects our psyche The transfer clock to winter time last weekend gave the inhabitants of many countries the opportunity at the weekend to sleep in. And that, in General, not bad, as the inhabitants of Western countries, and Britain in particular, there is a chronic lack of sleep. According to the Centre for sleep research, the average Brit is sleeping an average of 6.5 hours per day, which for the vast majority of people is not enough. Many studies have shown that reducing the time to sleep, we can greatly harm their health. Just a few nights of poor sleep can affect blood sugar and contribute to overeating. Changes can be observed even at the DNA level. A few years ago, TV guide Bi-bi-si, Trust Me I’m a Doctor (Your doctor) together with the University of Surrey conducted an experiment: the study participants were asked

American scientists began searching for the elusive “fish of Satan”

American scientists began searching for the elusive “fish of Satan” MOSCOW, Nov 2 — RIA Novosti. Specialists of the University of Texas in Austin announced the start of finding a rare North American freshwater catfish which is found in the underground waters of the state, according to the TV station KSAT. Fish is the only representative of the genus Satan eurystomus (lat. shirokorodyuk Satan), was opened in the middle of the last century however, the last time scientists saw this species in 1984. Biologists conducted searches from 2006 to 2010, but they were unsuccessful. Now researchers are looking for funding to conduct new field work to help determine what environmental factors led to the decline or disappearance of this species. “The fish-Satan” is distinguished by the absence of eyes, transparent skin, reduced swim bladder and predominantly cartilaginous skull, in contrast to bone her immediate family. Mysterious ‘Satan fish’ lurks deep

Wanting to experience the euphoria, the British executed a teenager.

Gemma Lily The Briton Gemma and Lily were convicted for the torture and brutal murder of a teenage autistic in Western Australia. About it reports The Independent. According to the newspaper, the woman was executed 18-year-old Aaron Pajich at his home in Perth, and after buried him, covering the grave with concrete and tiles. According to Lily, she wanted to kill someone until that moment, as she turns 25 years of age to experience real euphoria. The woman shared her plans with a neighbor, 43-year-old Trudy Lennon. The convicted mother admitted that her daughter has always been fascinated by stories about serial killers. At the age of 16 she wrote a book about SOS killer, which contained many scenes of torture. The investigation revealed that Aaron went to Lily to help her to install a computer program. While he did, the woman came behind him and began to choke him

Lana Del Rey refused a song about vagina with Cola flavor because of Weinstein

Lana Del Rey Singer Lana Del Rey will no longer sing your song 2012 Cola because I talked to her producer Harvey Weinstein. About it the actress said to MTV News. “When I wrote this song, I imagined Harvey Weinstein or similar character. I saw him as someone friendly as citizen Kane (the protagonist of the eponymous film directed by Orson Welles — approx. “Of the”), “explained Del Rey. The singer stressed that before the song seemed funny, but after the news about the sex scandal Weinstein she never thinks: “Now of course she seems sad. I support women who have spoken out about the incident”. Cola track on the album Del Rey Paradise. The song begins with the words “My vagina tastes like Pepsi-Cola”. It also contains the line “Harvey’s in the sky with diamonds, and because of this I’m losing my mind.” In October on sexual abuse

The former head of the General staff of the armed forces has released details of the surrender of the Crimea Russia

Yuri Ilyin Ukrainian policy in February 2014 was going to drown in the blood of Crimea, but took no action to preserve the Peninsula as part of the country. This is evidenced by the record of interview of former chief of General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) Yuri Ilyin. The document on the page in Facebook published Maxim Gerasim, the lawyer of fugitive Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Ilyin shows that winter 2014 events on the Maidan in Kiev caused great fears among residents of Crimea. Thus, in personal conversations, the opposition stressed that they did not intend to establish a dialogue with the Crimeans. In particular, Vitali Klitschko, occupying now a post of the mayor of the Ukrainian capital, promised that the Peninsula “will go even tougher than Kiev.” In turn, the party leader “Freedom” Oleg Tyagnibok said that the Crimean people “wash their blood”. “Break them

In the Amazon jungle, rescued by pirates robbed a family from USA

In the Amazon jungle, rescued by pirates robbed a family from USA Emergency services managed to find a family of American tourists who disappeared in the Amazon jungle after a pirate attack, according to Globo. To escape they managed thanks to the fishermen. A family of American tourists from the parents and two daughters aged three and seven years sailed on the ferry at the moment when his Board went up robbers. The attack occurred near the town of Breves to the South of the Amazon, on Monday, October 30. The pirates took all valuables, the family managed to escape. Thursday, November 2, fishermen found a lost family on the banks of the river. A picture of them in Globo were posted on Twitter. Família americana que estava desaparecida no Pará é encontrada com vida. — O Globo Brasil (@OGloboPolitica) November 1, 2017. During the download an error

A prisoner has collected six billion free. Disclosed criminal community, organized in the colony

A prisoner has collected six billion free. Disclosed criminal community, organized in the colony As it became known “Kommersant”, was convicted of fraud and awaiting imposition of another sentence of a former banker Maxim Serkin organized in the colony of a large financial pyramid, which he directed right out of custody. Controlled by doctor of economic Sciences, Professor Serkin credit consumer cooperatives operated in 17 regions of Russia for four years for stealing the time from investors of more than 6 billion rubles. Such a big event anti-corruption Directorate is not conducted for a long time. In just two days, on 30 and 31 October, in conjunction with territorial bodies of Ministry of internal Affairs guebipk officers carried out searches at 180 locations in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Saratov region, Krasnodar territory, Novosibirsk region, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Primorsky region and nine regions of the Russian Federation. In the course of investigative and operational