Cartoons and viral videos: what was in the computer Osama bin Laden

Cartoons and viral videos: what was in the computer Osama bin Laden The CIA released another batch of files found in the computer of a leader of “al-Qaeda” Osama bin Laden after he was killed during a special operation in Pakistan’s Abbottabad. Among published on the website of the office of materials — a personal journal of Osama bin Laden, recording his performances and family videos, including the video of the wedding of the son of the leader of “al-Qaeda” Hamza, cartoons and YouTube clips. Some of the material was not published in the interests of national security. In addition, was not laid out the corrupted files, materials that violate copyright or contain pornography. This is the fourth publication of the files of Osama bin Laden. The Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo announced on Thursday that the was published on 18 thousands of documents related to 79 thousand audio

The defense Ministry has listed five reasons for the unreliability of the report of the OPCW on Khan Sheyhun

The building of the defense Ministry © Mikhail Japaridze/TASS MOSCOW, November 2. /TASS/. Representatives of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation showed on Thursday’s presentation with a detailed analysis of the inconsistencies the version of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) on the use of chemical weapons on 4 April in the Syrian Khan Sheyhun. The organization argues that the responsibility for the incident lies with the Syrian authorities. The defense Ministry said five of the technical reasons which indicate the insolvency of this version. The material was shown to journalists at a briefing in the press center of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. TASS published the full version of the presentation provided to the Agency in the event. Reason 1: the su-22 had to fly from no further than 2 km As explained by the representative of the Ministry of defense, fighter-bomber, Syrian air

Swedish politician dressed up for Halloween the killer of the journalist and paid for it

Pontus Bot A young Swedish politician Pontus Boat from Gothenburg came to the party to celebrate Halloween in the Peter Madsen, a suspect in the murder of journalist Kim Vallee. It is reported by the Goteborgs posten. The act of a Bot has led to loud scandal, in which he was forced to forgo participation in the upcoming 2018 election. The politician expressed regret in connection with his inappropriate act. 30 October, the Danish inventor of the Madsen admitted that the dismembered body of Valle on his submarine. However, he did not take responsibility for the murder, the motives of the dismemberment of a corpse is also not reported. On 7 October, the Danish police found the head and feet of the women, Packed in plastic bags. They also lay heavy pieces of metal according to the investigation, in order to flood the body fragments at the bottom. Also found

The American General was sentenced to imprisonment in Guantanamo

John Baker The Tribunal bases the United States Navy in Guantanamo Bay sentenced the General John Baker, to three weeks imprisonment and fined a thousand dollars for contempt of court. It is reported by The Express. To serve time under arrest at the place of service, American will not be in the special prison in the barracks. Baker was responsible for legal protection of prisoners located in the special prison in Cuba. Between the prisoner Abdel Rahim an-Nashiri, one of the leaders of the terrorist group “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia), and three of his attorneys had a conflict: in particular, the defenders did not want to work with a convicted for ethical reasons, but also because of alleged breach of rules of confidentiality when speaking with a client. Baker helped them to issue a refusal to represent the interests of an-Nashiri. However, Colonel United States air force judge Vance Spat

Kosachev: the US is completely transferred to the diplomacy mode of anguish and pathos

The head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev © Valery sharifulin/TASS MOSCOW, November 2. /TASS/. The United States finally turned the diplomacy mode of anguish and pathos, Washington advantageous to inflame passions around the situation with investigation of chemical attacks in Syria. This opinion was expressed on Thursday the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev. On Wednesday, the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders issued a statement, according to which Russia is allegedly trying to eliminate the Joint UN and the Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) to investigate (CMP) chemical attacks in Syria. In particular, in her words, “a monstrous attack” on 4 April 2017 in the city of Khan shaykhun was already the fourth case of CMP confirm the fact that “the regime of [Syrian President Bashar] Assad uses chemical weapons,” the document says. It

EEF has predicted the achievement of equality of women and men in 100 years

EEF has predicted the achievement of equality of women and men in 100 years A hundred years will be required in order to equalize the rights of women and men in the world, the report of the world economic forum. The movement for equality for the first time in the last 10 years, observations began to go slower. The process of achieving global gender equality has slowed, stated analysts of the world economic forum (WEF) published an annual report on the gender gap — 2017 (.pdf). The study’s authors compared the situation of women and men in society in 144 countries on four main criteria: achievements in education, political activities, economic opportunities, access to health care and survival. Experts estimate that at the current pace of gender issues in different countries to achieve equality between women and men will be possible only in 100 years. Last year this figure was

Post oligarch living. What happened to the business from the 90s?

Post oligarch living. What happened to the business from the 90s? At the forum in Sochi President of Russia Vladimir Putin told an anecdote about the wife of bankrupt tycoon. The anecdote he remembered looking at sitting in the hall banker P. Aven, but said that he’s “all good”. What happened to the other members of the “seven bankers” from the 90s? In 1996, the Financial Times published an interview with Boris Berezovsky, in which he mentioned the term “seven bankers” and transferred to the oligarchs who took control of a large part of the economy, influenced the political decision-making. Two decades later not everyone was able to stay afloat. Died in poverty Berezovsky himself after a failed political intrigue during the elections of 1999-2000 was declared wanted. The oligarch was accused of fraud, money laundering, the attempt to seize power. Since September 2003, Berezovsky lived in great Britain as

More than 2 million people submitted their names to NASA to send to Mars

More than 2 million people submitted their names to NASA to send to Mars Over 2 million people worldwide, including more than 60 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation, sent NASA their names to have them printed on a microchip and then sent to Mars on a research probe. This was reported by the press service of the space Agency of the United States. The second stage of collecting names began in early October and ended 1 November on the East coast of the United States. Of the total applications filed, nearly 2.4 million people, including about 650 thousand people in the US, 260 thousand inhabitants of China and 63.5 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation, reports “RIA Novosti”. Special silicone microchip will be placed on Board a research probe InSight, which is to study the motion of the inner layers of Mars and to measure the impacts of meteorites.

The journalist suggested the way to save for old age and came under a barrage of criticism

Gene Chatzky Editor of the American channel NBC, and a Finance expert Jean Chatzky (Jean Chatzky) outraged Twitter user recommendations on how much money each person should save and how much to save up to 30 and 60 years. Per day on tweet journalist was left more than a thousand reviews. This writes the — Jean Chatzky (@JeanChatzky) 01 November 2017, 13:15 “By the time you turn 30, you should aim to accumulate an amount equal to your annual income, and defer it until retirement. In 40 years you should have in reserve an amount equal to three years income. In 50 years, or six annual income at age 60 or eight, and pensions to accumulate ten annual income” — advised Chatzky. In response to the recommendations of the expert received a flurry of comments from disgruntled users who were quick to tweet Supplement Cacci witty clarification or laugh

Found deadly danger of space flight

American, German and Chinese scientists have identified a new threat to long-term stay in space. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, reports The Telegraph. Prolonged exposure to microgravity conditions leads to irreversible changes in the brain, the researchers found. In particular, interferes with the normal operation of the areas responsible for focus, planning, organization and memory. Also the degradation of exposed parts of the brain responsible for prosocial behavior, in particular teamwork. “The astronauts with such violations of the brain will not see objects at a close distance, you will lose the ability to read and conduct simple experiments. Their perception will be distorted”, — said the British astronomer Daniel brown (the interviewed expert was not involved in the study). To such conclusions the authors came, examined the status of volunteers for 90 days are placed in conditions simulating the microgravity environment and examined the 34