Named a way to achieve multiple orgasm

STU Nugent, the expert of the company LELO, which produces intimate accessories, in an interview with the Daily Star have described the technique by which a man can ejaculate several times in a short period of time.

To achieve multiple orgasm specialist recommends performing Kegel exercise. It is a three-second tension of the muscles under the penis and scrotum, which is then at the same time should be relaxed.

To determine its position, holding for a short time urination. Exercise should be done every day in three sets of ten times each. A similar exercise can be practiced quietly (sitting, standing or walking). After the first orgasm, it is recommended to switch to other erogenous zones and the use of sex toys.

The expert notes that the capacity for repeated ejaculation requires a lot of time and a lot of practice, which requires “rethinking of their own ideas about orgasm.”