Linguists have offered to host a rap battle on the lessons of literature

Linguists have offered to host a rap battle on the lessons of literature

Language and literature, offered to teach literature at the school in the format of rap battles. About this Agency city news “Moscow” said the Chairman of the Independent Association of language and literature, associate Professor in the Department of Humanities Moscow Institute of open education (mioo) Roman Doschinsky.

According to him, traditional literature lessons go back to school come a new generation of teachers and students. However, there are new authors, there is a certain fashion for books. “It is impossible to teach this subject as we were taught 5-10 years ago,” he said.

Doschinsky noted that to diversify the lessons of literature can, for example, rap battles, cinquaine and haiku.

“I absolutely responsibly declare that to reduce the literature to a single genre is impossible — it would kill the subject,” — said the scholar, adding that language and literature do not propose to completely replace the lessons of literature in the rap battle.

The theme of the rap battles in the Russian media began to gain popularity after appearing on the network on the night of August 14, the record of the battle rappers of Oxymoron (Miron Fedorov) and Glory of the CPSU (also known as the Purulent and Thank Karelin). 16 October battle of Oxymoron with American rapper Disasterm. The event record was posted on the Internet the next day.