Kyiv court dismissed the son Avakov under the personal obligation

Alexander Avakov

The Solomensky district court of Kiev decided not to arrest the son of the head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, Alexander the so-called case of the backpacks. Reports about it “Strenia”.

Avakov Jr. was released on his own recognizance until December 31, with the wearing of an electronic bracelet. He cannot absent himself from the place of registration is obliged to hand over the passport and to come to the investigative actions on call Prosecutor’s office.

This is the mildest measure, said “Strenia”. The Prosecutor demanded to send the son of the head of the interior Ministry detention with possibility of bail in 5 million (10 million 860 thousand rubles).

The court also ruled that the detention of Avakov, the National anti-corruption Bureau of the country (NABU) illegal.

Part of the so-called “gold backpacks” was sewn in jail, said at a meeting of the Prosecutor. The cost of one such bag can reach up to 100 hryvnia (less than 220 rubles), while the interior Ministry bought them for 2900 hryvnia (6,300 roubles).

The search in the house Avakov Jr. in Kharkiv could not be held. The Prosecutor stated that it was prevented by the “titushki” (young athletic build, participating in the power stock — approx. “Of the”) and the police.

Alexander Avakov was detained October 31. Investigative actions took place in the investigation of so called cases of backpacks. In January 2016, was published a video in which a man similar to Avakov, Jr., talks about the organization purchasing backpacks for MIA with a man like the former Deputy Minister Sergei Chebotar. The backpacks were indeed purchased, but their purchase price was six times higher than the market.