In the Amazon jungle, rescued by pirates robbed a family from USA

In the Amazon jungle, rescued by pirates robbed a family from USA

Emergency services managed to find a family of American tourists who disappeared in the Amazon jungle after a pirate attack, according to Globo. To escape they managed thanks to the fishermen.

A family of American tourists from the parents and two daughters aged three and seven years sailed on the ferry at the moment when his Board went up robbers. The attack occurred near the town of Breves to the South of the Amazon, on Monday, October 30. The pirates took all valuables, the family managed to escape. Thursday, November 2, fishermen found a lost family on the banks of the river. A picture of them in Globo were posted on Twitter.

Família americana que estava desaparecida no Pará é encontrada com vida.

— O Globo Brasil (@OGloboPolitica) November 1, 2017.

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It clarifies the issue, the aggrieved American family travels the world in their own RV. Presumably, they did not stay on the ferry after the attack due to the fact that I was scared. Another reason for reluctance to contact the police into their van left on the ferry, the police during the search found marijuana.

Last week pirates attacked an Iranian fishing boat near the island of Socotra. At the request of the Iranian authorities, assistance provided to victims of the U.S. Navy and Japan. The us destroyer USS Howard and the Japanese ship JS Amagiri fishermen brought food, medical supplies and helped with the repair of the vessel.