In the Altai region Fairy family called the son of the Aladdin

In the Altai region Fairy family called the son of the Aladdin

BARNAUL, 2 Dec — RIA Novosti. Couple from Altai village with unusual name Fairy became popular after he named his second son Aladdin; the parents literally hit fame not only among journalists, but also the thousands of concerned Russians.

About why the child was named after a character in popular tales, RIA Novosti was told by his mother Irina is Fabulous.

“One thousand and one nights”

The boy, weighing 3760 grams and 52 cm was born in the hospital of Donetsk on October 20, with the name of the parents identified nine months ago.

Too many options then and was not immediately agreed Aladdin. Fabulous Aladdin is a very fabulous and harmonious, in our opinion. From the Arabic name translates into English as sublime faith. When started with the name to decide, it just came because I’m a fan of Oriental fairy tales, like “the Thousand and one nights”.Irina Is Fabulous

Her future husband Alexey Fabulous Irina and I met on a Dating site. Irina worked as a teacher, and to go on dates there wasn’t time. But the 34-year-old man got her attention and care. According to the woman, “candy buketny” period was fabulous and beautiful.

“Name Fabulous was coined and formalized in 2015 and is now living in the world according to our idea already as a generic. The name was chosen to match the names, focusing on inner feelings. We certainly did not expect such interest from the public, but fame is not believe. All will make some noise and stop”, — says Irina are Fabulous.