In Britain, the pole was taken into slavery two compatriots

Edward Zielinski

In the UK a native of Poland named Edward Zielinski was kept in slave-like conditions of the two compatriots. It is reported by The Sun.

One of the slaves had arrived in the UK in 2008 man. Due to poor English language proficiency and addiction to alcohol he owed cousin Zielinski 800 euros.

He went to Nottingham to work for money, but there it was waiting for terrible conditions. Zielinski made him work 20 hours a day putting greeting cards and earning £ 10 a week. Pole I tried to escape twice, but both times the attempts were unsuccessful.

The third attempt was successful. For some time the pole was on the street and then hit by a policeman, who told about the fellow-slave.

During a search in the attic of the house of Zielinski has found another person who had been in slavery for less than a year.

Nottingham Royal court of Edward Zielinski was sentenced to 40 months in prison.