Found deadly danger of space flight

American, German and Chinese scientists have identified a new threat to long-term stay in space. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, reports The Telegraph.

Prolonged exposure to microgravity conditions leads to irreversible changes in the brain, the researchers found. In particular, interferes with the normal operation of the areas responsible for focus, planning, organization and memory.

Also the degradation of exposed parts of the brain responsible for prosocial behavior, in particular teamwork.

“The astronauts with such violations of the brain will not see objects at a close distance, you will lose the ability to read and conduct simple experiments. Their perception will be distorted”, — said the British astronomer Daniel brown (the interviewed expert was not involved in the study).

To such conclusions the authors came, examined the status of volunteers for 90 days are placed in conditions simulating the microgravity environment and examined the 34 astronauts.

The reason for the degradation of the brain experts call the change of the intracranial pressure. To cope with the negative effects of weightlessness, the authors propose the creation of the spacecraft with artificial gravity.