Equality in employment women will have to wait for two centuries

Only a hundred years in the world, is expected to be able to ensure full equality between women and men. The most serious gender gaps in rights and opportunities prevailing in the economy and health care. This conclusion follows from the annual “Global report on gender gap — 2017”, published on Thursday, November 2, the world economic forum (WEF).

In the WEF study highlighted that the movement towards gender equality in the world for the first time since 2006 not only stalled, but went in the opposite direction. If a year ago scientists believed that the solution to these challenges requires 83 years, now we are talking about a whole century. And in some areas this term twice. In particular, equality in labour and employment women will have to wait at least 217 years.

Russia in the new ranking, the WEF ranked 71st place out of 144. Compared with last year our country has risen by four steps. The gender gap, according to the study authors, in Russia at present overcome at 69.6 percent, with the world average of 68 percent. While the leader of Iceland is 87.8 percent.

On a number of criteria — higher education, professional and technical training and health — Russia has reached full gender equality, noted in the study. However, in some areas the gap remains. In particular, the level of remuneration of men and women. Here the problems solved only 64.8 per cent.