Cartoons and viral videos: what was in the computer Osama bin Laden

Cartoons and viral videos: what was in the computer Osama bin Laden

The CIA released another batch of files found in the computer of a leader of “al-Qaeda” Osama bin Laden after he was killed during a special operation in Pakistan’s Abbottabad.

Among published on the website of the office of materials — a personal journal of Osama bin Laden, recording his performances and family videos, including the video of the wedding of the son of the leader of “al-Qaeda” Hamza, cartoons and YouTube clips.

Some of the material was not published in the interests of national security. In addition, was not laid out the corrupted files, materials that violate copyright or contain pornography.

This is the fourth publication of the files of Osama bin Laden. The Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo announced on Thursday that the was published on 18 thousands of documents related to 79 thousand audio files, and photos, as well as over 10 thousand videos.

Today’s publication will give Americans the opportunity to gain a broader perspective about the plans and activities of this terrorist organization. The CIA will still find a way to provide more information to the American people given our duty to protect national security.Mike Phonedirector CIA

To date, the CIA has published 470 thousand files from the computer of Osama bin Laden.

What have we learned about the son of Osama bin Laden — Hamza?

Among the video clip from the wedding of Hamza, who is the leader of “al-Qaeda” considered the favorite son. Analysis of the objects in the video suggests that it was filmed in Iran. Previously, public access was only baby video Hamza.

At the time of the video we see the Hamza, with a mustache and no beard, in a white headdress, sitting on the carpet with several men, while another man in the background reads verses from the Koran.

Bin Laden himself there is no video, but one of those present said that “the groom’s father, the Prince of the Mujahideen” rejoices in the marriage of a son and his joy “will apply to all the Mujahideen”.