As the movie “Titanic” has become so successful

As the movie “Titanic” has become so successful

Why the picture is not amenable to a simple mathematical formula and what is the creative flair of James Cameron.

1 November 1997, 20 years ago, Tokyo hosted the world premiere of the film “Titanic.” TASS talks about why the picture of James Cameron became the highest grossing film in history and lost the title only 12 years later, another tape canadian Director.

“We were the biggest idiots in Hollywood, and the press got long blades and began to sharpen them since the moment we announced the summer premiere of the film,” recalls James Cameron about how the “Titanic” began to grow into rumors and to attract attention of the press long before came out in us theaters December 19, 1997. It was originally planned that it will reach cinema screens on 4 July, but it soon became clear so quickly before the premiere of the giant project doesn’t make it.

The most expensive film in the history of cinema of the XX century ($195 million), whose budget is growing by the day, unprecedented technology, three-hour epic timing, as well as 14 nominations for “Oscar”, of which 11 were converted into awards. And another story about the Director’s tenacity.

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Like all phenomena of any period, “Titanic” does not give a deceptively simple mathematical formula “secret of success”, although it would seem that James Cameron definitely have it and the Director keeps it under pillow that travels even to the bottom of the Mariana trench.

Box office record of “Titanic” managed to beat only to Cameron with avatar, but the space epic about Pandora not left the same traces in the popular culture that the love story of Jack and rose. With the award winning is also not worked.

If all the same to resort to an attempt of mathematical analysis and to take three of the most cash paintings in the history of cinema (adjusted for inflation), it may give the impression that the formula does exist.

The top three players in world Boxing-office for more than a century history of cinema — is “gone with the wind”, “Avatar” and “Titanic.” Three love stories against the background of global developments in two cases — historical, in one parable we are talking about reaction to the case of the modern world. The notorious spirit of the time in the case of people’s love, prestigious awards and chests of dollars and other world currency discount is not worth it.

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In 1995 came the post-apocalyptic “Waterworld” with Kevin costner, whose 175 million budget and disastrous charges made Universal to abandon the proposal 20th Century Fox to divide spending on the Titanic.