Amsterdam has banned beer bikes

Amsterdam has banned beer bikes

Amsterdam authorities prohibited the use of the popular tourist “beer bikes” because of complaints of local residents on the noise and public disturbance.

On Tuesday, the court allowed the city authorities to impose a ban on the use in the centre of Amsterdam beer bike, which, in the opinion of the court, are the cause of violations of public order.

These bikes are designed for 10 or more people, are popular among tourists who want to see the city and at the same time to organize a feast and to celebrate any event.

Tourists can walk along the famous Amsterdam canals on this bike, drinking beer with friends.

The opponents of this type of entertainment say that beer bike is one of urban problems caused by mass tourism.

Beer bikes are small pubs on wheels, equipped with Bicycle seats arranged around the table. Unusual carriage is driven due to the fact that the passengers pedal.

A ban on the use of brewer’s bike came into force on 1 November. As have informed in city administration, is now forbidden to provide rental services such a bike.

Last year about 6,000 people in Amsterdam signed a petition urging the city authorities to prohibit the movement of beer bikes around the city and calling this game terrible phenomenon.