Who wrote “stupid” on the forehead of the disciple, the teacher received a thousand rubles fine

Magistrate’s court in St. Petersburg fined on one thousand roubles the teacher of school No. 684, wrote the word “stupid” on the forehead of the disciple. On Tuesday, October 31, RIA Novosti reported the senior assistant Prosecutor of the city of media relations Julian Alekseeva.

“The court found the teacher guilty of an administrative offense and appointed the minimum punishment given her personality and extenuating circumstances, dependent is a minor child,” — said Alekseev.

The incident occurred on September 21. Teacher Olga Alferova tired of the antics of the children who has been drawing “tattoos” on his hands, and threatened that the next person who’s gonna do it again, I’ll write on my forehead “fool”.

The mother of a second grader assigned to a teacher “fool”, wrote a complaint to the Ministry of education, the city Prosecutor’s office and the Committee on education. In late September, she was fired from the school.

At school №684 teacher worked with 2016, and before that 15 years teaching in Arkhangelsk.