The coming out of Kevin spacey: why outraged the LGBT community?

The coming out of Kevin spacey: why outraged the LGBT community?

World-renowned actor announced his homosexuality after was accused of assaulting a teenager. According to advocates for LGBT rights, he struck this blow to the movement. A worse time could not find, they say.

If Kevin spacey spoke about his homosexuality a year ago, the reaction to his coming out would be very different than what we saw on Monday.

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First, it will almost certainly be congratulated: Hollywood star of the first magnitude honestly talks about his sexual orientation in a world where such recognition can lead to a drop in box office receipts.

But the star of “house of cards” told about himself only when he was accused in 1986 that he molested a minor actor.

Anthony RAPP, who was then 14 years old, told BuzzFeed that spacey invited him to a party and was allegedly drunk when the incident occurred with the solicitation.

The actor has published a lengthy apology on Twitter and said, “This story gave me the courage to talk about other things in my life… I was falling in love and men and women engage in romantic relationships with those and others. Now I made a choice in favor of homosexuality”, — reads the statement of the actor.

But spacey has been criticized for choosing such an inopportune moment for his confession.

Kevin spacey accused that he hid behind his homosexuality to avoid the negative consequences of the charges against him.

“He will not get a pardon just because he’s gay,” said the editor of Gay Times Josh rivers.

“This predatory behavior is bad regardless of sexual orientation, said rivers. Kevin spacey chose the wrong moment to declare their orientation. He did it in a situation when he is accused of ‘ egregious act.”