Scientists have disproved the myth record “gluttony” of the human brain

Scientists have disproved the myth record “gluttony” of the human brain

MOSCOW, 1 Nov — RIA Novosti. The human brain is inferior to his “gluttony” brain monkeys, lemurs and even back, primitive relatives of primates, which casts doubt on the hypothesis that the evolution of man “conducted” the growth of the brain, according to a paper published in the Journal of Human Evolution.

“We have shown that a person does not have a unique “hungry” brain. This casts doubt on one of the Foundation principles of modern anthropology and history of human evolution,” said Doug Boyer (Doug Boyer) from Duke University in Durham (USA).

One of the main mysteries in the history of human evolution is how our ancestors were able to acquire such a large and “hungry” brain, consuming about a quarter of the energy produced by our body.

As shown by observations of gorillas and chimpanzees, they in principle cannot have such a large brain, as they would have to eat food all day.

For this reason, today almost all scientists believe that human evolution was largely caused by the increased size of the brain. Its increase led to appearance of various devices, including the ability to use tools and cook food, which helped our ancestors to provide for his nervous system with necessary quantity of energy.

Boyer and his colleague Arianna Harrington (Arianna Harrington) suggests that these views are fundamentally wrong, comparing how many calories our brain gets compared to the rest of the body, and the same option for the 15 species of primates, rodents and other mammals.