Reveals details about the identity of a terrorist from new York

The alleged terrorist, made arrival on the pedestrian in new York, worked as a taxi driver in Uber and was “very kind and friendly guy.” So he described the 37-year-old friend by the name Kabilan Makarov, reports on Wednesday, November 1, the New York Post.

According to him, Saifullo saidovim they met in Florida about five years ago: “He was like a younger brother, and I watched as the older”.

Makarov said that in June of this year, flew from new York to Uzbekistan with his wife and five children, and Saipov immediately agreed to drive the family to the airport. As said Makarov, Saipov very well communicated with his children constantly played with them. While Makarov said that when his son asked, Saifullo permission to take a picture with him, he flatly refused, explaining that he does not like to do it.

Saipov on October 31, when driving the rental van, made arrival on the pedestrians and collided with a school bus carrying disabled children. Ran out of the cabin, the man with the words “Allahu Akbar!” began to shoot at people. 8 people died, 15 were injured.

The suspect was wounded and detained by the police, he is in the hospital. Investigators found a driver’s license. According to preliminary data, Saipov came to the United States in 2010, the last time he lived in Tampa, Florida.