In the US a woman is pregnant during pregnancy

In the US a woman is pregnant during pregnancy

A resident of the United States again became pregnant when she had a child for infertile couples. It is reported by news Agency ABC.

Superfetate — fertilization during pregnancy is an extremely rare phenomenon among people of all such cases in the medical literature, there have been about a dozen. In the animal world it is more common and is observed in rodents, rabbits, horses, sheep and kangaroos.

Jessica Allen, a mother of two children, agreed to become a surrogate mother for the infertile couple from China. Six weeks after a successful IVF procedure during the ultrasound, doctors found two fetuses.

The doctors suggested that the woman is pregnant with twins. After the C-section they noticed that one child was much easier the second. DNA analysis showed that this child was the native son Allen, she managed to get pregnant from their partner, despite the fact that they used a condom.

Mother took three months to obtain parental rights — according to the contract signed with the Agency agreement, the child belonged to a couple from China. Now the boy is living with family parents and brothers.