In Russia came into force the law on anonymizers

In Russia came into force the law on anonymizers

From the first of July in Russia came into effect the law which obliges owners of technologies bypass the lock, for example, VPN services to block access to forbidden sites Roskomnadzor.

In Russia came into force a package of amendments “On information, information technologies and protection of information”, governing the anonymizer, including private VPN services. Now those who provide access to technology bypass the lock, will be obliged to block access to sites entered in the list forbidden. For law enforcement runs the market Systeme (FGIS).

Roskomnadzor on the treatment of law enforcement agencies will determine the providers that allow the placement of technology to bypass the lock. The provider will send a notification of the need for three days to connect to the FGIS. At connection the provider will be required to provide data about the owner of the anonymizer, which Roskomnadzor will receive the same notice about the need to connect to FGIS. Only the owners of anonymizers will give you 30 days.