Former employer Lisa Sand has decided to run for President of Russia

Former employer Lisa Sand has decided to run for President of Russia

The head of the Association “Avanti” and former head of the Elizabeth Sand of Anshukov Rahman reported plans to run for President. His nomination he intends to prove Bulk Patriotic spirit of the youth.


The President of the Association of entrepreneurs for development of business of patriotism “Avanti” Rahman Anshukov announced the nomination for President, he said RBC. Since the beginning of July to end of August Advisor Anacova was the daughter of the press Secretary of the President Peskov Elizabeth. The President of “Avanti” is a former assistant to the Chechen politician and businessman Umar Dzhabrailov, who founded the Association of entrepreneurs.

Yanakov told about the reasons for his nomination in a special letter (there RBC).

Russia’s successes in the world associated with the figure of President Vladimir Putin, but the country is “in the context of global geopolitical confrontation” and “under the mask of the spread and establishment of democratic values” of a foreign state are going to destabilize Russia, says the President of “Avanti”.

Yanakov told RBC that his nomination hopes to raise turnout among young people and to prove that young Russians “are Patriotic”, “no matter how much he tried to prove the opposite Alexei Navalny to rock the boat in difficult times.”

The President of “Avanti” opposed to “fighting with officials and commercial entities was given for the work to eradicate corruption and inconsistent protests over the will of citizens and democratic freedoms”. To fight with the “surrogate nomenklatura-oligarchic capitalism” in Russia, he offers to “improve the current national idea” and develop it “business patriotism.”