Avakov proposed to dismiss

Arsen Avakov

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the faction “Batkivshchyna” Igor Lutsenko in his Facebook urged to remove from office the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, while there is an investigation against his son Alexander.

“Avakov during the investigation should be removed from office. Better on its own initiative”, — wrote Lutsenko.

About the detention of Alexander Avakov and the searches he had previously reported on October 31. Investigative actions took place in the investigation of so called cases of backpacks.

In February 2016 on YouTube appeared a video in which the man like a son of the head of the Ukrainian interior Ministry loses 100 thousand hryvnia (about 3.8 thousand dollars) in an underground casino in Kharkov. The footage shows that a young person comes to the game with a bag of which packs he pulls out a large bill.

In January 2016, was published a video in which someone, allegedly Alexander Avakov, has a conversation with the person, like a former Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Sergey Chebotar, law on state purchases of backpacks for the interior Ministry. The conversation happening in the office of the Minister of internal Affairs. From the conversation it is clear that the man wants to put the office, a large consignment of goods, but asks in advance. The backpacks really were purchased, and later the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine started criminal proceedings due to the fact that their price was six times higher than the market.

Background: the head of the MIA of Ukraine drove the security forces to protect son