With bare nerve and shrill note of love: as Anatoly Papanov conquered movie

With bare nerve and shrill note of love: as Anatoly Papanov conquered movie

Journalist and film critic Sergey Kapkov — about the legendary Soviet actor.

31 October marks 95 years since the birth of the famous Soviet actor, people’s artist of the USSR Anatoly Papanova. Journalist and film critic Sergey Kapkov tells how a lame young man conquered the theatre Institute and why fame came to the actor later.

Anatoly Papanova recognized the voice. Instantly. Everything from small to large. This was a cartoon Wolf with a single phrase “Nu, pogodi!”.

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Although a great Actor to such a glory to resented, lamented in interviews and creative meetings. But, anyway, it is the highest manifestation of love of the audience — recognition of the voice. He could start to speak your role from behind the scenes, and the audience had already burst into applause.

I’m not sure I recognized that name thanks to the “Nu, pogodi!”. Today it seems to me that the actor Papanov entered my consciousness along with other mundane things — ice cream, ball, warm scarf, vinyl LPS.

In the 70-ies, which accounted for my childhood, Anatoly Papanov was one of the most famous people in the country and never left the television screen. Here he is in another Comedy, but in drama, here in the “Kinopanorama”, “Blue light”, “Morning mail”.

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At one time he appeared, uttering the name involuntarily want to smile. And the name is soft, the native home, thanks to the first four letters Papanov! Well, voice of course voice.

It seemed that everything was against Anatoly Papanov had success and adoration. Ugly, or even worse, unsympathetic, moreover, a third group disabled, and even with a terrible pronunciation of hissing due to malocclusion.

So he appeared before the admission Committee of the Institute of theatrical art named after Lunacharsky in 1942. Twenty-year-old young man, a demobilized after being wounded in the leg, he came to do “on the actor” leaning on a stick.

At Papanova was amputated two toes. “But…” — asked the young man. “You can!” — he replied confidently. And began to do. Soon Anatoly not only threw a stick, but brilliantly danced.

In student productions Papanov played mostly comedic and character roles. At the end of GITIS entire course went to the ruined Klaipeda to create the Russian drama theatre.