The security services have saved Germany from new attacks of Islamists

Employees of the German secret service arrested in the city of Schwerin (the Federal land of Mecklenburg — Vorpommern) 19-year-old Syrian, who was preparing a new terrorist attack. It is reported by Spiegel Online.

According to investigators, a young man named Yamna A. A. made the decision to commit a terrorist attack in Germany using explosives in July 2017.

Through social networks, the suspect attempted to obtain instructions for creating improvised explosive device and contacted a man who called himself a “soldier of the Caliphate”. During a search in the apartment of a Syrian was discovered components for making bombs, as well as portable radios.

Currently, police are trying to identify people with whom contact was suspect and find out he acted alone or as part of an organized group. About the purpose of the impending attack not reported.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Germany Thomas de Maiziere said in this regard that the security services managed to prevent serious attack.

On 25 October it was reported that the Berlin police conducted a series of raids, which confiscated large quantities of weapons and ammunition and arrested an alleged Islamist.