The death of a 14-year-old Vlad Russian models talk about the work in China

The death of a 14-year-old Vlad Russian models talk about the work in China

On October 27 in Shanghai died, the teenage girl — Russian model from Perm. She complained to his mother of fatigue or 13-hour day. Russian service Bi-bi-si asked the representatives of the fashion business, what they think about the work in China.

The Russian Investigative Committee was engaged in clarification of circumstances of death of 14-year-old resident of Perm Vlada, who worked as a model in Shanghai. On 25 October, during another show, the girl complained of feeling unwell and was hospitalized. In the hospital she went into a coma and two days later died.

According to preliminary data, the cause of death of young models was the increasing failure of vital organs and systems — a pathological condition resulting from severe infection or stress on the body.

There is an official document is a death certificate from the hospital where the cause of death as: multiple organ failure on the background of sepsis and infectious lesions of the nervous system.

The final diagnosis, said the diplomats, will be delivered after the autopsy. Earlier it was reported that the girl could have died from meningitis.

NewsIn Consulate General of Russia in Shanghai called the cause of death of 14-year-old model

Vlada’s mother told media that her daughter complained to her fatigue, heat and work 13 hours a day. According to the contract, the girl had to work four hours a day, said the woman.

What remains unclear about the presence of 14-year-old model of health insurance. Representatives of the Chinese Agency Esee told the Russian TV channel REN that her girl was not, and after hospitalization medical insurance in the amount of $ 800 paid by the host Agency.

At the same time in the Perm Agency “great Model” who has worked for Vlad D., told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that the insurance was issued. The Director of “the great Model” did not answer calls on the Russian service Bi-bi-si.

To work in China model difficult and unprofitable, said bi-Bi-si, several representatives of the fashion industry.

Veronica Seidlova, founder of model Agency Look Models Russia

I do not support sending models to China. Because China is a bad food, drugs, many girls go to work in the clubs.

If not up to the modeling, and pocket money (the money once a week are given models of pocket expenses — Bi-bi-si) very small and 70-100 dollars is nothing left but to go to work in a club where you have to drink with the guests to attract an audience. Engaged and underage.

If you send models to China, the only a proven Agency only when the girl already has money when she is already 20 years old and she has a head on his shoulders.

The insurance should deal with the host Agency and the Agency sends a model abroad. In any case, the receiving Agency prepares all the necessary documents and ensures the preservation of health model. But, unfortunately, in our business the event of force majeure situation. Of course, the parent agent [the sender] had to control the situation with the insurance. But there is another issue here that I didn’t see it [as Lord], and have not taken action.