The crime becomes a misdemeanor

The crime becomes a misdemeanor

The Supreme court offers to dramatically mitigate criminal law.

The Supreme court (SC) has prepared a bill, offering a few dozen types of crimes under the criminal code, to transfer to the status of the criminal offense. We are talking about the acts for which now does not provide imprisonment.

In the case of the adoption of the law on misdemeanor for unlawful acts committed as a punishment can be imposed the obligation to pay damages or a judicial fine.

The idea is to simplify the proceedings with the least serious violations of the law, which now belong to the category of criminal offences of minor gravity, expressed long ago. The leadership of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation decided to seek its implementation through the enactment of the law. To date, the Plenum of the armed forces was promulgated provisions in the Agency’s bill.

The need to introduce a separate kind of illegal actions — criminal offence, the document says, is motivated by the fact that the minor offenses today are those acts for which imprisonment is not provided at all, and those that are punishable by imprisonment up to three years.

However, the legal consequences, in particular, the period overturned that in both cases the same.

This situation, the authors of the bill, “is not consistent with the General legal principle of fairness and the principle of individualization of criminal liability and punishment.” In addition, the document says, the current legal adjustment of such acts does not account for differences in the degree of their public danger.