The Austrian shot the neighbors and went to the van with the words “Heil Hitler”

The Austrian police is conducting a large-scale operation to capture the 66-year-old armed man who shot neighbors and disappeared into the woods. It is reported

The Austrian, in the municipality of Stival, near Graz, shot from a carbine, two elderly people and seriously wounded one woman. According to witnesses, the assailant fired his van. The suspect’s car police have found. On the rear doors of a minivan placed a large inscription “Heil Hitler”.

The shooter is wanted on the entire territory of Austria and the Schengen zone of the European Union. The man repeatedly showed sympathy to right-wing extremists.

Oct 20, a Brazilian student shot classmates who called him ” stinky.” The child’s father serves in the military police. It had teen and took the gun that was hidden in a backpack and brought to school, and then opened fire on the reverse.