The astronomer spoke about “runaway” from the Solar system star

The astronomer spoke about “runaway” from the Solar system star

MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. Canadian astronomer Gilles Couture found traces of “wandering star” in the Solar system. A brief overview of his research has been published in the electronic library

According to the scientist, modeling the motion of objects in the Kuiper belt — the region of placement of small space bodies beyond Neptune — found that abnormal changes of their orbits, possibly connected with “short visit” in the Solar system unknown stars.

Couture found that a hypothetical celestial body penetrated the planetary system at speeds of up to a hundred kilometers per second, triggering a series of gravitational perturbations, which still affect the rotation senatovych objects. Its weight was two to three times less than the mass of the Sun, says the researcher.

Earlier NASA has expected that the behavior of cosmic bodies in the Kuiper belt defines the mysterious “planet X”. For its existence, in particular, points out the strange nature of the movement of a number of dwarf planets and asteroids.