Siberian debtors made to comprehend the impermanence of life to the cemetery

In the Novosibirsk region 78 of defaulters of the alimony, fines, traffic police and other disciplined debtors forcibly sent to work for the public cemetery. Thus, the “energy debtors sent in the right direction,” the press service of the regional Department of the Federal bailiff service.

The debtors engaged in cleaning seven graveyards, covering a total area of 629 hectares. In particular, they clean the waste, take out the garbage, destroying damaged trees and shrubs, as well as improve the neglected graves.

“Besides the fact that this work saves the budget allocated for the maintenance of order, he allows to think to each debtor on the impermanence of life and that is where does their current behavior”, — stated in the message of Department.

Bailiffs and members of the administration of Novosibirsk expressed the hope that the public-useful work in the fresh air will help the debtors to “stand on the path of correction”.

On 31 October, the bailiffs have received the right to detain the child support debtors and working-age Russians, who refuse to support their disabled parents. The relevant amendments to the administrative code was signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.