Paranormal Britain, or What people are and ghosts

Paranormal Britain, or What people are and ghosts

Before Halloween it is customary to tell stories from the life of ghosts and spirits. In Britain ghosts, as we know, is full of not only historical figures and slain wives, but also a variety of animals.

Do you believe in the existence of ghosts? Many Britons, for example, believe. Two years ago a survey of public opinion (the people were interviewed about religious beliefs, ghosts was one of the side issues) showed that one third of the inhabitants of the United Kingdom believes that they are, then how in the Creator believe slightly less.

Ghosts, who settled in Britain, are diverse: people, dogs, horses (no wonder the British are great animal lovers) screaming skulls, headless figure holding a severed body part under the mouse and the inanimate Ghost means of transport, like trains and coaches. Of course, do not forget about the good old poltergeist.

Ghosts are extremely illogical. If, for example, the second wife of Henry VIII haunting the nights in the tower where she was executed, the fifth wife, who suffered the same fate prefers screaming to be worn on the gallery of the Palace of HAMPTON court, where her time in the tower and taken away.

No ghosts of consent and about how to take people down.

If one prefers to be in the image, it is full of people, who, limited sound effects, change of temperature or sudden odors.

In addition, the ghosts very carefully watch over the class hierarchy. The Ghost of a maid, for example, under no circumstances will not roam on the former Royal bedchamber. Her destiny, as in life, remains kitchen.

Capital — she and the Ghost capital of

It is clear that London, as one of the oldest cities in the country, and even the capital, ghosts don’t hurt. The Ghost of Anne Boleyn, by the way, even won his own songs which were very popular in the music halls:

Nights in the tower walks Anne Boleyn, gracefully holding his head under his arm.
For some reason, with Henry went down the aisle, and hubby ended her haircut.
And the haircut has not gone to her at all for the future, and all the sounds in the night her reproach.
In the tower she wearily wanders where once the blood from under the sword flowed like a river.
In the tower she also goes deaf night sometimes.

The translation is very approximate, but the original songs are easily found on YouTube.

In London the paranormal inhabitants settled in the pubs (at least eight), churches (at least nine, including the chapel of St. Peter in chains, where at night periodically roam all executed in the tower of the victim, who found her last refuge), and even in theaters (at least ten).

But in the rest of the country, the concentration of spirits is not as high, so let’s classify the other ghosts not geographically referenced, and, for example, by habitat, or by the nature of the occurrence.

Haunted castles

“When Mr. Hiram B. Otis, the American Ambassador, decided to buy Canterville castle, everyone assured him that he makes horrible stupidity, — it is reliably known that in the castle lives a Ghost”. So begins the famous novel by Oscar Wilde.

Although other Ghost stories in English literature and folklore abound.

Any self-respecting old castle must have in the asset of at least one, even with a friggin ‘ Ghost.

And start, of course, follows in the rankings.

Windsor is a refuge of the deceased kings

One of the official residences of the British monarch Windsor castle is not only the largest castle in Europe, but also the supernatural human.

Along its corridors and apartments go:

  • loving Henry VIII (no one saw him, but heard him groaning and hobbling through the corridors, pulling the affected leg)
  • his daughter Elizabeth I, the virgin Queen (as one of the most educated women of her time “Queen Bess” prefers to sit in the library)
  • king George III (the one who suffered bouts of insanity, caused by kidney disease). He from time to time, watching from the window behind the guard divorce
  • one of the Royal guards, who during his life was probably very unhappy and killed herself. But after death, they say, fully recovered from depression, and patrolling the grounds with a big smile on my face
  • and one of the huntsmen Richard II, who saved the king, shielding him with his body from the horns of a wounded deer

Chillingham, or the Executioner, who was unlucky enough

The second number and variety of ghosts, probably, is the castle Chillingham in Northumberland on the border with Scotland.

Its construction began in the XII century with a single purpose: to put the Scots on the territory of England. For those who sympathized with the proud Scots, who were punished and oppressed bad English, I have to say: manners in those days were such that a fuck was exactly the radish is not sweeter, and about the two warring parties, it was possible to tell with confidence that “both were the worst.”