In the US father and son celebrated a birthday in drugs and died

In the US father and son died of a drug overdose at a party on the occasion of the birthday of one of my relatives. Reported by the New York Post.

44-year-old Joseph Andrad and 22-year-old Carlos along with his family participated in the celebration. The men said they were going to smoke, and after a while they found on the street unconscious. As noted, Carlos on the ground in the garden saw his wife, a few meters from the man was lying and his father. The woman said that her husband’s face was purple.

Father and son were taken to hospital, but to save them failed. Cause of death the doctors called overdose. According to doctors, men used a mixture of heroin with fentanyl.

As the newspaper notes, the father was addicted to drugs, however, none of the relatives did not suspect that he is hooked on illegal drugs eldest son.

The US President Donald trump on October 26 declared a state of emergency in healthcare due to the spread of opiates. He noted that in terms of per capita, the United States leads the world in the number of addicts.