In the story five months drifting in the ocean of American women found inconsistencies

In the story of two American women who were rescued after five months drifting in the Pacific ocean, discovered some inconsistencies. In an interview with the Associated Press said the representative of the United States Coast guard.

The interlocutor of Agency has reminded that, according to Jennifer Appel and Tashi Fuaba, may 3, in the first day of his voyage on the yacht, they were caught in a violent storm in the Hawaiian Islands.

However, the weather service at the beginning of the specified month has not fixed such weather events in the region. Images from NASA satellites also confirm that tropical storms near the Islands at that period, adds the Associated Press.

In addition, according to the representative of the Coast guard, the testimony of the girls around them after the storm was not a suitable harbour for the return are not true. For example, Christmas Island belonging to Kiribati, it takes large commercial vessels.

Also, the Coast guard noticed that Americans didn’t turn on the emergency beacon, which was on their yacht. Moreover, in June the service had contacted the boat, Appel and Foiba reported that they have everything in order and in a month they plan to approach the shore. Earlier, however, they argued that at this point they have not worked equipment.

American landing ship “Ashland” October 27, discovered a boat with two women in Honolulu, and two dogs in the 900 miles from Japan. Appel and Foiba decided to sail from Hawaii to Tahiti, but, according to them, during a storm the yacht broke down engine, a strong wind carried them into the open ocean.

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