In the Kiev region fired at the car of the former commander of Dudayev

In the Kiev region fired at the car of the former commander of Dudayev

KIEV, October 30 — RIA Novosti. In the Kiev region fired at the car of a native of Chechnya Adam Osmayev, who had previously been accused of plotting the assassination of Vladimir Putin. His wife Amina Okueva, who was in the car with her husband, was killed, said the MP, adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko.

The car was fired from the bushes at a railway crossing near the village of glevaha, wrote Gerashchenko in Facebook.

According to him, at the place of work investigative team police.

Later, the MP from the “Radical party” Ihor Mosiychuk was admitted wrote on Facebook that Okueva was shot in the head.

This is not the first attempt on the life of Osmayev and AquaWay. At the beginning of summer in the Ukrainian capital Osmayev was wounded from a gun during the shooting Okueva wounded the attacker.

Chechen Adam Osmayev gained fame in the winter of 2012. Then in Odessa neutralized extremist group, of which he was part. One of the detainees told the SBU officers that he and his accomplices were preparing explosives for attacks on Vladimir Putin (when he was Prime Minister) and the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

In 2007, the FSB announced the disclosure of another terrorist attack in Moscow when the car was discovered Packed with explosives. On the street where this car was, had to pass a tuple of Ramzan Kadyrov. The assassination attempt was suspected a group of natives of Chechnya, including Osmayev. But then he was released, after which he left Russia.

In autumn 2014 the Ukrainian court Osmayev accused of illegal possession of explosives and sentenced him to two years and six months in prison. Accusations of plotting the assassination of statesman were removed. Upon his release, Osman volunteered for the “battalion named Dzhokhar Dudayev”, and together with his wife Amina Okueva went to fight in Donbass against the DNI and LC.