In the apartment of a Japanese man found the dismembered remains of nine people

In one of the houses of the Japanese city of Zama, South of Tokyo, found the dismembered remains of the bodies of eight men and women, reports the Mainichi, citing the police.

27-year-old Takahiro Shiraishi (Takahiro Shiraishi), suspected of involvement in the case, arrested. He confessed to the crime. “I killed them and wanted a way to get rid of the evidence” — leads the publication the words of men.

October 24, in the district went missing 23-year-old woman. After a week of searching, the police found in the apartment Shiraishi nine heads, one of them presumably belong to the missing.

Found in the remains of the other eight people have so far failed to identify. As noted by the New York Post, the body parts were stored in refrigerators.

Before his disappearance, the Japanese has published in social networks a message with the text “I’m looking for someone who will die with me.” With the suspect woman met on the Internet. The reason for the murders being investigated, however, according to guards, the woman herself wanted to get away from life.

Local residents said that Shiraishi moved into the apartment only two months ago, before that he lived with his parents.