Each of the state Duma have regarded the name of the Soviet Marshal Blucher as swearing

Electronic reception of the state Duma did not accept the complaint of the inhabitant of St. Petersburg Alina Belyaeva, because the address she pointed out the prospectus of Marshal Blucher. The website recognized the last letter in the name of the street as a Mat. About it the woman said in public “Beautiful Petersburg | Kalininsky district” “Vkontakte”.

“Oh, these electronic reception! Sent a letter to the state Duma. In the text banned mate, but I the same without him (although very desirable). Looking for the word “dick”, which the program doesn’t miss a letter,” wrote a resident of the city.

As it turned out, was a word in the address. “That is, in the understanding of the program, when I write this the street, obscene language, such as “Blucher what are you doing?!”” — said the woman.

In comments users have suggested to write the address in Latin “for the larger patriotism.”

The “Paper” edition also tried to send the complaint with reference to the prospectus of Marshal Blucher in the text of the letter — the result was the same: each is mistakenly found in a letter profanity.

Vasily Blucher — Soviet military, state and party leader. The title of Marshal of the Soviet Union, he received in 1935. In 1938 he was arrested in the course of mass repression, died in Lefortovo prison. He was posthumously rehabilitated in March 1956.