Departed from Sobchak the political strategist said about the lack of money in its headquarters

Departed from Sobchak the political strategist said about the lack of money in its headquarters

The political strategist Alexey Sitnikov, the departure of which from a staff of Ksenia Sobchak became known on the morning of 31 October, told about the financial difficulties and confusion in her team. In his opinion, the campaign was “invented on the knee.”

One of the key team members Ksenia Sobchak political strategist Alexey Sitnikov told about the reasons for the passing of her staff, in particular, about the lack of money for tickets and security.

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“It is impossible even to call headquarters, the team is”, said Sitnikov RBC. “There (in the staff) all clear, even to list pointless, what, — said political consultant. — With regard to Finance, I took office.”

According to him, during the visit Sobchak seminars in Ekaterinburg and Krasnodar’s staff members have chipped in “who can” for tickets, the press Secretary, statement and protection.

Her seminar was paid for by the organizer, but in Yekaterinburg it was clear that it was necessary to send the Secretary with her, the guards suddenly Roizman fit or ink will pour well and the operator is required to remove the website. We threw off, who how much money to buy tickets.Alex Sitecompletely

In his opinion, the headquarters “is a mess”. “In the headquarters to collect the tables, there is even a printer there. I dragged the tables from this it is obvious that the whole campaign was invented on the knee,” said Sitnikov.

Press Secretary Sobchak Ksenia Chudinova told RBC that Alexei Sitnikov and his team completely out of the project. “The reasons the staff has not commented. All comments Alexei Sitnikov let it remain on his conscience,” she said.

The head of the electoral headquarters Sobchak, Igor Malashenko did not answer the call RBC.

That team Sitnikova, which accounted for most of the staff Sobchak, did not come to work, sources at the headquarters of the journalist told RBC on Tuesday morning, October 31. The source told RBC that on the eve of the headquarters discussed the strategy of attracting supporters. During the conversation, “disagree” and Sitnikov in full force left the meeting, and then they staff it hasn’t already.