Venediktov said Kiselyov

Alexei Venediktov

Chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov on Twitter commented on the statement of the author and presenter of the program “to Conduct week” on “Russia 1” Dmitry Kiselev about the fact that the man who attacked with a knife to Tatyana Felgenhauer, pathetic.

“All you need to know about Dmitry Kiselev — “Sorry, of course, Tatyana Felgenhauer. Boris grits, too pathetic…” Victim = killer,” wrote Venediktov.

The evening of 29 October Kiselev “Vesti Nedeli” said: “it’s a Pity Tatiana Felgenhauer. Boris grits, too, is a pity, but pity all the same, and the rest of the audience of “Echo” the”. In addition, the grits leading ranked by mentally ill people, noting that he has “obvious delusions of persecution”. “However, similar symptoms and the head of “Echo” Alexei Venediktov”, he said.

Materials on теме18:18 — 23 OctMad physicist: who attacked the journalist of “echo of Moscow”the Attackers accused Tatyana Felgengauer telepathic harassment

The controversy between journalists of Russian state TV and Venediktov started after the broadcast with the participation of Vladimir Solovyev on Vesti FM radio station. It was discussed post employee “Echo” Ksenia Larina in Facebook, in which she accused the lead in inciting hatred of Felgenhauer. Larin decided to take out of Russia, Venediktov was going to complain about the air Solovyov Investigative Committee. Then joined the discussion Kiselev, advised the chief editor of “Echo” to see a psychiatrist.

Solovyov himself accused Venediktov of harassment.

The attack on the Ukraine occurred on October 23. To the editor snuck a man armed with a knife. Blinding the guard with pepper spray, he found a journalist and slashed her throat. The attackers turned out to be an Israeli citizen Boris grits, he stated that he was subjected to Intrusive sexual harassment by leading through telepathy. He was charged and was appointed forensic psychiatric examination.