Trump suspected “bumps on knees” Tillerson due to the DPRK

Trump suspected “bumps on knees” Tillerson due to the DPRK

The head of the U.S. Senate Committee on foreign Affairs Bob Corker criticized President Donald trump for his intervention in the negotiations around North Korea, which the head of the state Department Rex Tillerson.

In an interview with CBS Corker said that trump their actions and statements interfere to prevent war on the Korean Peninsula. “When our Secretary of state is trying to negotiate with such an important partner as China and avoid conflict, which will involve South Korea, Japan, China and Russia, he has kneecaps the President,” said Corker.

The Senator said that all want the efforts of diplomats allowed to avoid victims among the military. “But when trump gets in the kneecaps Tillerson, it only brings us closer to a conflict that most of us would like to solve differently.

“Twitter message in which the President mocks the leader of another country, only create tension in the region. Well, get to know people who live there that the DPRK crazy head. So they live with a third madcap leader. And we are repeating it again and again, only creates the preconditions for further involvement in the conflict,” said Corker.

Earlier, the head of the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs has repeatedly criticized trump. So, in early October, he said that the US President is behaving like a character on a TV show, and its threats against other countries could unleash a Third World war.

The trump also spoke to the Corker. So, in one of the messages on twitter, he said that the Senator wanted to be Secretary of state. “I said no thanks, remembering the terrible deal on Iran adopted with his participation”, — said the President.

Trump also said that Corker had asked him to support the re-election in Tennessee, but the President refused.