The head of the Ministry of health announced the creation in Russia of individual drugs

The head of the Ministry of health announced the creation in Russia of individual drugs

Moscow. 30 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — IN Russia established the individual drugs, said the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova in an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia” published on Monday.

“Yes, they are created for a specific person. (…) This is important because one and the same tumor at the initial cellular composition of each body is personal, continues to mutate, and there are personal tumor markers”, — said the Minister.

According to Skvortsova, in the future it will be possible to identify tumor markers using liquid biopsies to regress cancer, accumulated individual “cocktail” of several drugs.

In an interview, the Minister also announced that in the coming year patients will be able to see the cell technology for the treatment of diabetes, which in the future will allow to refuse from regular insulin injections.

“We can actually replace cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. They are embedded in the matrix of the gland and starts to produce the hormone,” said Skvortsova, however, adding that it is still impossible to say with certainty that this treatment will allow diabetics to forget about injections.

Referring to the legislative activities, the Minister expressed the hope that the law on the donation of human organs and their transplantation will be submitted to the state Duma in the autumn.

“We very much hope that in this session it will be listed and can be reviewed in the first reading,” — said the Minister. She noted that the law, which was prepared five years, will create a transparent database of people needing organ transplants, and declarations of intent to donate.