The Chinese tried to take from Russia four kilograms of gold under the insoles

Four of the ingot with a total mass of 3.6 kg and a cost of almost nine million rubles a Chinese citizen hid under the insoles to cut the grooves of Shoe soles, reports the website of the East Siberian transport Prosecutor’s office.

Contraband discovered at the young man 1981 year of birth in the room personal inspection of the Annunciation of the customs office while trying to cross the Russian-Chinese border.

Department of inquiry of the Annunciation of customs initiated a criminal case under part 1 of article 226.1 of the criminal code (“Contraband”).

In early September, another citizen of China tried to smuggle through Blagoveshchensk for shoes insoles about two kilograms of gold worth 4 million 866 thousand rubles.