The British library will get rid of the Holocaust denier authors

In the UK universities are getting rid of books by authors who do not recognize the Holocaust and climate change, writes the newspaper the Sunday Times.

Some institutions, including Cambridge, had been removed from libraries the books of David Irving as literature denying the Holocaust. As notes the edition, supporters of the ban believe that such literature contains false and dangerous public statements. They also insist that the University library refused the literature of supporters of feminism, creationism and eugenics.

In particular, University libraries may disappear the book feminists Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon, as well as an essay on the climate of the former British energy Minister Nigel Lawson.

However, as the newspaper notes, not all academics support the ban.

In October 2017 88-year-old resident of Germany Ursula Haferbek was sentenced to six months in prison for Holocaust denial. In January 2016 at a public event, she stated that the Holocaust never happened, and denied the existence of gas chambers on the territory of the Auschwitz concentration camp.