Staff Sobchak discussed three schemes the presidential nomination

Staff Sobchak discussed three schemes the presidential nomination

Sobchak determine the format of the nomination in mid-November. In its staff review the options with a advance from PARNASSUS, one of whose leaders were Boris Nemtsov, “Civil initiatives” and the alternative — self-promotion.

The party nomination

At the headquarters of TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak considers the possibility of her nomination to the presidential elections in March 2018 from PARNASSUS or from the “Civil initiative”, told RBC three sources in the headquarters of the presenter.

PARNAS is suitable Sobchak ideologically, has a political history, it is not a dummy structure, said one of the sources of RBC. The same can be said of “Civil initiative,” adds another source in the headquarters.

“PARNASSUS, in my personal opinion, would be the ideal option (for the nomination), but as far as I know, proposals from them have not received,” — said RBC analyst Alexei Sitnikov included in the staff Sobchak.

One of the leaders of PARNAS was Boris Nemtsov, who was killed in February 2015 in Moscow. In 2013, the elections to the Yaroslavl regional Duma Boris Nemtsov has received the Deputy mandate, whereby PARNAS received the right to nominate their candidates without collecting signatures for elections to the state Duma (under the law, this right is at the parties in the Duma and those who have a fraction of at least one legislative Assembly of the region). According to the results of the parliamentary elections PARNAS did not overcome the barrier, gaining 0.7 percent.

If Ksenia Sobchak will go to the polls from the party, it will be a real party and not just existing on paper, adds another representative of the staff presenter, journalist Anton Krasovsky.

The headquarters Sobchak comes a lot of complaints from small parties with a proposal to provide a platform for the nomination of the presenter, but they exist only on paper, and “to show that you supported the bogus party, wrong,” said, in turn, Sitnikov.

“It must be a party that would suit the candidate (Sobchak), was associated with him, and the candidate himself should be associated with the party. Such parties a little bit,” says Krasovsky.

He refused to say “perfect” Sobchak party, adding that actual negotiations between them and Sobchak has not yet happened, but “these negotiations, in my opinion, appropriate.”

“If the candidate does not see that the party created for him, and the party that she created for a candidate, then (to be elected) self-promotion”, — said Krasovsky in an interview with RBC.

The party nomination would be more beneficial to the presenter, in terms of cost savings, said RBC a source at the headquarters: “Nobody wants to spend money now so no.”

According to the law “On presidential elections”, the candidate running for the election of the non-parliamentary parties have to collect at least 100 thousand signatures of citizens. The candidate, running as an independent candidate, obliged to collect not less than 300 thousand signatures of voters. From the collection of signatures shall be exempt candidates from the parties in the Duma and those that are fractions of not less than one-third of legislative assemblies of regions.

PARNASSUS could really ease the process of collecting signatures, acknowledged in an interview with RBC head of the headquarters of the presenter Igor Malashenko. But negotiation at present there, he added.

The chair of PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov also said RBC that the negotiations now are not. PARNAS did not go to the headquarters Sobchak to nominate her for President, as well as a similar proposal to the party not out, representatives of the presenter, he says. The question RBC ready PARNASSUS, in principle, to nominate a presenter, Kasyanov said that “assumptions do not make comments”.