Russian schoolchildren will be taught how to protect themselves from trolling

In Russian schools will pass the unified security lesson devoted to cyber-bullying and fraud on the Internet. On Monday, October 30, with reference to the member of the Committee of the Federation Council Lyudmila Bokova reports TASS.

The event, organized by the Federation Council, the Ministry of communications, Ministry of interior, Roscomnadzor and the Ministry of education, Russian students talk about the protection of personal data, phishing, and criminal communities in social networks. Also teach them to make purchases in online stores and analyze the accuracy of the information on the Internet.

As Bokova notes, the lesson will be held on October 30. “This annual event has become a good tradition. Every year we set ourselves new challenges. This year our main goal — improving the quality of a single lesson, as well as assistance to educational organizations in building a system of work for teaching students cyber security,” she said.

Member of the Federation Council Committee noted that a special class will be given a massive trolling in social networks, which can cause serious damage to the fragile child’s psyche.

Bokova added that the unified safety lessons are held in 2014. Last year the participants of the event were 12.4 million students.