Rescuers found the body of a crew member crashed near Spitsbergen, the Russian Mi-8

Rescue service of Norway found the body of a member of the crew of a Russian Mi-8, crashed in the Arctic ocean off Spitsbergen. This was announced by the Governor of the archipelago Kierstin Eckholt, reports TASS.

According to her, the body was found with the submersible at the bottom 130 metres from the scene of the sinking of the helicopter. Eckholt said that the body will try to raise to the surface in the near future.

Russian Mi-8 crashed on Thursday, October 26. In addition to a crew of five on Board were three members of the research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic.

The rescue operation was not successful. Scientists Oleg Golovanov, Nikolai Fadeev and Maxim Kaulio, the aircraft commander Eugene Baranov, the second pilot Vladimir Frolov, mechanic Alex, Paulauskas technician Marat Muhtarov and engineer Alexei Korolev was declared dead.