Opioids: why they hooked as many Americans

Opioids: why they hooked as many Americans

Receiving opioid drugs the United States are the undisputed world leader. For every million Americans, accounting for approximately 50 thousand doses per day. It is about four times more than in the UK.

There are many legitimate reasons to receive opioids. Take them to relieve the pain of cancer patients, and patients recovering from surgery. Codeine and morphine is opioids.

But if taken in large quantities, then the problems begin. In the U.S., of course, there is a problem.

According to one of the committees of the us Congress, in the state of West Virginia is a city with a population of only 400 people, where in two years was delivered 9 million opioid pills.

Across the country in 2015 from the action of opioids died 33 thousand people, according to the Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the United States.

Included in this figure and death resulting from heroin use — prohibited opioid. But almost half of the cases death was the fault of the painkillers, prescription.

So why, of all the countries for the U.S., this problem is most topical?

There are several reasons, but here are the basics.

In accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation the article does not provide names of specific opioid drugs and their manufacturers, as well as their distribution.

American doctors write a lot of prescriptions

Unlike most European countries, the United States has no single health system paid from taxes.

Americans need to have their own insurance, which is usually paid by the employer or the state.

“Most insurance plans, especially for poor people, does not cover almost any treatment other than pills,” says lecturer of the medical faculty of West Virginia University Judith Feinberg.

Let’s say you have a patient 45 years. He has pain in the lower back. You will explore and identify a muscle spasm. The best method of treatment would be physiotherapy, but none of it did not pay. Therefore, doctors are eager to get the prescription pad. Even if your insurance covers physiotherapy, you will likely need pre-approval (insurance companies), and it is a lot of wasted time and paperwork.Judith Finalproduct medical faculty of West Virginia University

The centers for control and disease prevention, the U.S. reported that the volume of prescriptions fell by 18% compared to the peak, proshedshimi for 2010. But the overall figure is still three times higher than that in 1999.

“I saw this drug on TV”

The United States and New Zealand are the only countries where it is permitted television advertising of prescription drugs.

According to research company Kantar, spending by pharmaceutical companies on advertising in the U.S. in 2016 reached $ 6.4 billion is 64% more than in 2012.

None of the 10 most frequently advertised products was not an opioid. But, according to Judith Feinberg, a mass of opioids is doing its job.

As a doctor, people can say I saw this medicine on TV, you can give me? Sometimes they don’t even know that are already taking this drug. They ask about the name brand, but I used a generic name.Judith Feinberg

In 2015, the American medical Association called for a ban on television advertising of prescription drugs. But this did not happen.

Three months later, the extent of opioid culture of America became apparent during the commercials “Superbowl” — the final game of the National football League. This is the most expensive advertising time on American television.

Minute is was devoted to the constipation that occurs as a side effect of taking opioids. In advertising people were invited to ask the doctor to suggest to them methods of treatment using prescription drugs.