Named the main lack of Russian submarines of the future

Submarine “Saint Petersburg”

Columnist National Interest Sebastian Robin the newspaper named the main lack of Russian diesel-electric submarines of project 677 (code “Lada”).

The new submarines, according to experts, there is no anaerobic (airindependent) engine, which was originally intended. This power plant does not need the atmospheric air, so that the ship is not required for this to float on the water surface.

Roblin note refers to RIA Novosti, published in June 2017, where it is reported that diesel-electric submarines “Kronstadt” (planned to launch in 2018) and “St.-Petersburg” (under trial operation in the Northern fleet since 2010) may “will be tested first anaerobic propulsion”.

Submarines of project 677 was intended for mass production was built to replace the fleet of diesel-electric submarines of projects 877 and 636 of the Soviet era.