Named as the main method of obtaining female orgasm

American experts have found that the primary method of obtaining orgasm is Masturbation during intercourse. The article with the findings of scientists published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

The study included 1569 men and 1478 women. During an anonymous survey of volunteers indicated their level of sexual activity, frequency of orgasm, satisfaction with sexual relationships with past and present partners. While scientists have determined the exact conditions under which women obtained the satisfaction of asking volunteers whether this occurs during the “vaginal intercourse” or “intercourse with additional clitoral stimulation”.

It turned out that the participants ‘ answers depended on, check whether the interviewers, what exactly is meant by “orgasm during vaginal intercourse”. Some subjects believed that more stimulation is included in this definition. These results cast doubt on the conclusions of other specialists conducting similar studies that did not account for this feature in the analysis of respondents ‘ answers. According to scientists, extra stimulation during sex increases the likelihood of orgasm in women.