Krymchanka said about the kidnapping of his 10-year-old son aliens

A resident of Simferopol Olga Chadova said that her son was abducted by UFOs. The woman saw the lights of a mysterious object in the sky, when he discovered the loss of the child, report “arguments of the week”.

10-year-old boy left home on October 26. As explained by his mother to the police, on the ground she saw the gloves of the son, and in the distance — “the glittering lights of the ship.” But the police did not accept her claim because at the time of treatment she was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Where exactly the child was gone, unknown. The search involved the police, the newspaper notes.

According to the interior Ministry, the majority of children are wanted, escape themselves and later come back. For 2016, the guards managed to establish the whereabouts of a minor 7131 7139 wanted.