Damascus considers Raqqa still captured

Damascus considers Raqqa still captured

BEIRUT, 29 Jul — RIA Novosti. Syrian Rakka is still captured, and so it will be as long as the city does not come under the control of the Syrian army, according to Syrian national news Agency SANA, citing a source in the foreign Ministry of ATS.

Earlier, the “Syrian democratic forces,” announced the complete liberation of Raqqa from the militants with the support of the coalition headed by the USA. The representative of the defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov said that the coalition achieved victory in raqqa, simply erasing it from the face of the earth.

“Syria confirms that the city of raqqa — still captured the city. We can not be considered released until you enter the city the Syrian army, which is fighting against ISIS*”, — quotes Agency the source in the foreign Ministry.

According to him, messages from the USA and “the so-called coalition” exemption from ISIS* raqqa are “lies to divert international attention from the crimes of this so-called coalition and their associates in the province of raqqa”.

The information Minister of Syria Muhammad Ramiz, Tarjuman in an interview with RIA Novosti also said that Damascus does not consider any one area of Syria liberated, including the town of raqqa, yet it will not enter the Syrian army.

He noted that, on the one hand, leaving groups of ISIS* Raqqa can be considered positive, but it is necessary that in Raqqa entered Syrian troops “regardless of, IG* or there is some other faction or organization.”

*Banned in Russia as a terrorist organization.