About 400 liters of oil spilled in road accident in Tatarstan

About 400 liters of oil spilled in the accident with the oil tanker in tukayevsky district of Tatarstan. Injured driver, he was taken to hospital, the press service of the Republican Central Directorate of the MOE in “Vkontakte”.

Rescuers found the plug on the tank, now the fuel does not come out of her, said in the post. According to environmentalists, in-ground oil penetrated, the threat of falling into bodies of water either.

The incident occurred on Sunday evening, October 29. Truck “KAMAZ” with the trailer-tanker Laden with crude oil, overturned on the road. Causes of accident are established.

At the scene working fire and rescue the garrison. From the shipping company arrived the crane, pumping the tank and grader for cleaning and disposal of contaminated soil.