Vladimir Solovyov accused the chief editor of “Echo of Moscow”, “bullying” of journalists VGTRK

Vladimir Solovyov accused the chief editor of “Echo of Moscow”, “bullying” of journalists VGTRK

TV and radio presenter Vladimir Solovyov in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” said the chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov and the radio station staff launched “persecution” against him and journalists of VGTRK.

“This persecution is not only in the media. They are still trying to connect and the investigating authorities,” — said TV presenter.

Mr. Solovyev connected “baiting” attack on the journalist of radio Tatyana Felgengauer and statement of mister Venediktova about what he’s going to “evacuate” from the country’s leading “echo of Moscow” Xenia Larin.

When Larina harshly accused me of involvement in the attack on Felgengauer, while attributing to me the words of others — I can’t say that I liked it.Vladimir Solovyov

“In addition, the anchor asked the Investigative Committee to interrogate journalists VGTRK. The alleged their plots were “elements of incitement to attack Felgenhauer””, — he added. According to him, “the tragedy that happened to Felgenhauer at fault crazy, trying to find politically motivated indecent”.

October 27 it became known that Alexey Venediktov has decided “to evacuate Ksenia Larina from the country” to “protect our journalists.” He said that in the “Liberals, why are you lying?” on “Vesti FM” Vladimir Solovyov told about the publication of Madam Larina in Facebook. The journalist posted a picture of the attacker Tatyana Felgengauer in the editorial “echo of Moscow” signed “Solovyov wanted, cattle. Who says, shut up their filthy mouths? There were volunteers.”

We will remind, Tatyana Felgenhauer received an incised wound of the neck after the attack, 48-year-old citizen of Russia and Israel Boris grits 23 Oct. He claimed that the journalist was chasing him through “telepathic contact”. Mr. grits partially admitted his guilt. On Tuesday, Tatyana Felgengauer came to.